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Craving some Orange Chicken?? This easy Crockpot Orange Chicken Recipe delivers... BIG Time!!! Skip the takeout and make some at home. Just 4 ingredients!


  1. Posted by pinkuniv, — Reply

    Made this for my family tonight with teriyaki noodles and broccoli. It came out great for a 3 ingredient throw together!! I will be making this again🙂

  2. Posted by laurynnburns, — Reply

    Ok. I did everything right and my chicken ended up shredding instead of being able to be cubed. So if you want cubed chicken, don’t cook it on low for 6 hours. Other than that it was yummy.

  3. Posted by annjungblut, — Reply

    This was awful. My chicken also shredded and even if it hadn't, this is not the right texture for orange chicken. It needs to be breaded.

  4. Posted by Meowrachel, — Reply

    This was yummy and had great flavor I did season my chicken with salt and pepper. Onion and garlic powder as well and added red pepper to it! I think next time though I will just cook it on the stove top since my chicken just shredded even when I did the lower amount of time.

  5. Posted by sgille6438, — Reply

    It was okay. If you like a very orange BBQ tasting orange chicken, you will love it. I thought it was a little too much. Trying to figure out what I could do to tone it down. It was super easy.

  6. Posted by pg8888, — Reply

    No photo but this was so easy and SO GOOD! I did add some chicken broth to increase the sauce but I had 4 big chicken breasts.

  7. Posted by zundaf, — Reply

    Made this tonight and added some veggies! It was amazing, great orange chicken taste! I will make again

  8. Posted by sherpooh66, — Reply

    Hi, Thank You! I'm gonna try this tomorrow.🤗🐽✌❤, Sheryl

  9. Posted by jessicamerritt1, — Reply

    Can I make it with frozen chicken?

  10. Posted by claidacker, — Reply

    Hubby loved it! Super easy!!!

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