Laugh Your Anxiety Away With These 46 Funny Coronavirus Memes and Tweets


During these hard times of self-quarantine, isolation, and lockdown it's important to remember to laugh. So go ahead, take a hefty dose of funny memes and tweets as medicine for the mind and soul.


  1. Posted by drgncrcht, — Reply

    I've noticed how many people are shrieking that "there's no food" because all the convenience stuff is sold out. Actually cooking a real meal (vegetarian or not) is beyond them.

  2. Posted by MrsPopplicious, — Reply

    Looks like all those preachy vegan fascists dropped their virtue-singalling pretty swiftly. They're probably all crying into bacon sandwiches by now.

  3. Posted by icedarea, — Reply

    Don't want to be bitching like you, not vegans/vegetarians, but isn't it funny how many meat factories are Corona Hotspots? ^^ I'll just leave that here<3

  4. Posted by chaitanya911, — Reply

    This post is really funny But many people here make fun of vegans, don't ask them questions if they choose not to kill animals. Double standards and selective secular.

  5. Posted by stefb22, — Reply

    Actually, as someone who does eat this, Ive noticed its being bought up like crazy leaving me less options. Especially with all of the corona turning up at meat packing facilities.

  6. Posted by liraapplegate, — Reply

    Actually, I can't find tofu anywhere. I've looked for weeks. That's my primary source of protein so it's been draining trying to change my diet and get it elsewhere.

  7. Posted by auburrito, — Reply

    I don't care what vegans choose to eat, but please stop forcing everyone to be vegan when many of us suffer food allergies that make such a diet change impossible.

  8. Posted by cjohngo2mtns, — Reply

    July 14, 2020 Martinez Ca. Still protesting...only local media coverage. Dont want the rest of the world to see whats making the virus spread or proof its all b.s. ?

  9. Posted by yellowriverpott, — Reply

    Plain tofu is pretty blah. However there are recipes for it that are quite tasty. Maybe not bacon tasty, but a lot less expensive and much better for you.

  10. Posted by mindurbiz90, — Reply

    Why isn’t coronavirus turning up in the potato chip factory? Seriously, it must be like working in literal hell at a meat processing factory. 🤢

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