Matte metallic vinyl car wrap DIY


Vinyl wrapping car cost can be very low with smart DIY 20''x60''. You have probably seen some cool customized cars drive by that used vinyl wraps and thought that they looked so cool, or that the customization must have been super expensive. The truth is, you can do this yourself with vinyl wrap car DIY rolls. It is a fun and simple way to make your car look amazing and customized. These vinyl wraps look great on the inside of your car because of their matte metallic sheen. They stretch around the contours of your car, making everything look seamless. You can use as much or as little as you like, either way your car will look refreshed and sleek. FEATURES Free utility knife and felt squeegee. Dimension: 20''x60''.  Premium quality. Air release bubble free. Can be used as scratches shield as well. Conformity: 200% stretch Difficulty Level: Beginner, DIY More car DIY accessories. Instruction Video: